The Career Change System

What is it?

My goal with the entire Paddy Jobsman enterprise is to help people find a job that gives them purpose, pays them their worth, and provides opportunities for growth.

I’ve been able to achieve that goal for people from various walks of life through my 1:1 career change coaching programme.

The materials and lessons from my coaching programme were just sitting on Google Drive. So I thought it'd be a good idea to share them around. 

That's what I did. I packaged everything into an easy-to-follow step-by-step video course

And called it The Career Change System because it sounded cool.

So if you are feeling a bit lost and are itching for a change, have a read of what's included in the course below and see if it tickles your fancy.

What's inside?


Developing unshakeable self-belief


  • A barrier to making a change and going after what we truly want is fear.
  • Fear manifests itself in many forms: A lack of self-belief, imposter syndrome, anxiety. We tell ourselves we’re not enough.
  • Creating an understanding of where your fear comes from will help free you from the imaginary limitations you’ve placed on yourself. Module one takes you through this process. 
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Defining what you want

Career planning

  • I will guide you through career planning exercises, worksheets, self-reflection practices, and research protocols that will help you define what it is you truly want from your career.
  • By the end of module two, you will have more clarity on where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.
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CV & resume writing

  • Regardless of your background, I will show you how to position your skills, experience, and accomplishments to your new target industry.
  • You'll get access to a video guide that takes you through every aspect of your resume and shows you what to write for each section from start to finish. No guesswork.

  • Together we will uncover your hidden transferable skills, core competencies & achievements, and effectively present them on your resume.

  • You’ll have access to hundreds of professionally written examples, scripts and templates for each section of your resume—covering every major job industry. All of the writing is done for you.

  • You just need to copy the examples/scripts/templates most relevant to your own experience and paste them into your resume template. Then tweak and edit to make them your own.

  • By the end of the resume writing class, you'll have a professional resume built specifically for your new target industry.

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Introductions and referrals

Job searching

  • Applying for jobs in a new industry requires a multichannel approach. 

  • I will teach you various methods for getting your resume on the hiring manager's desk, and there'll be strategies included for building new connections, and milking your own.
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Getting attention

LinkedIn rebrand

  • We'll do a complete rebrand of your LinkedIn profile so it's optimised for attracting the job you want, not the job you had.
  • Over 90% of all recruiters use LinkedIn Recruiter, a search tool that allows them to find candidates for available jobs.
  • If your LinkedIn profile is set up correctly with keywords included in the right areas, you will show up in more recruiter searches.

  • I'll show you how to become a ranked candidate for job opportunities in your new target industry.

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Walking the walk

Job interview mastery

  • Interviewing in a completely new field can be intimidating. Not to worry though; I will prepare you for the most problematic questions relating to your lack of industry experience.
  • I will teach you how to use a simple framework that will help position you as the solution to the hiring manager's problems, even if you have zero industry experience. 
  • You'll receive step-by-step strategies for every stage of the interview process, as well as detailed instructions and sample answers for the most common interview questions.

  • I'll also share some simple techniques to help you overcome interview nerves.

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Increasing your take-home pay

Salary negotiation

  • Just because you are changing careers, doesn't mean you have to take a pay cut. I'll show you how to leverage your existing expertise and skillset to showcase your value in an entirely new industry.
  • You will get access to tried and tested negotiation strategies that have helped professionals from various backgrounds and experience levels maximise their take-home pay.
  • This module comes with word-for-word negotiation scripts, plus a framework for controlling the conversation to help you feel confident talking about money.

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Becoming self-employed

  • Given the current economic climate and widespread layoffs, it’s never been more important to build something for yourself. Becoming a solopreneur allows you to take control of both your career and financial future. 
  • If you want to start taking matters into your own hands, this module will serve as a launching pad for your entrepreneurial journey. We’ll explore ways you can turn your skills and expertise into a one-person business.
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More success stories

Check out my experience and 80+ recommendations on LinkedIn or my Google Business Profile (125+ 5-star reviews⭐)

Amanda Gutknecht

Project Manager | PPG Industries

"Paddy offers incredible advice for job hunting, making career changes, and asking for a higher salary. I recently quit my job to pursue a totally different career path. I was applying for jobs for months without securing an interview - the market was competitive and my past career titles didn't "fit" the jobs I wanted to transition into. Thanks to Paddy's career change advice, I optimised my LinkedIn for the career I desired and heard from 3 hiring managers within ONE week. Major game changer for me. I've also never been someone to negotiate salary much, but I decided to take his advice and advocate more for myself - resulting in a $7k salary increase for the job offer I ended up accepting. Thanks for everything you do Paddy!"

Eva Lovasova

QC Microbiology Specialist |
Bristol Myers Squibb

"If you ever struggle with getting a dream job, writing a CV, getting ready for an interview or how to ask for a raise, use Paddy's guides and CV templates. His advice is in line with current trends and helped me find my dream job right after finishing undergrad. By preparing for the interview using his very detailed guide I was ready and confident to answer all the questions. I got a job offer 4 days after the first interview. It works! Thank you Paddy."

Cecilia Giorgi

Senior Relationship Manager | LinkedIn

"If you are looking for a step forward in your career, this is your man. With good suggestions and clear instructions, Paddy helped me update my CV and LinkedIn profile. Not just with the content, but with formatting and keyword optimising my materials. After those changes, for the first time in my life, big companies started contacting me proactively - I could not believe it! Before contacting Paddy, I was honestly sceptical about these kinds of services, but after a few weeks - I signed a job contract for +60% more than my previous salary. I wish I met him earlier!"

Jonathan Hynes

Product Business Partner | TikTok

"I availed of almost every Paddy Jobsman offer. From CV writing service, interview tips and tricks to salary negotiation. I'd also DM'd a couple of times with questions. When I say that I would not be starting my new job on Monday without all of his resources I am not exaggerating. I am going into a job that has almost doubled my salary and benefits. I could not be more thankful and could not recommend Paddy Jobsman more!"

Darren Walsh

Recruitment Specialist | CPL - Enterprise Solutions

"Couldn't recommend Paddy enough. I gave him my background, what I was looking for, and all the information he needed to build me a 5-star CV which landed me a job in the industry I wanted, and even more so, with the largest recruitment agency in Ireland. Thanks Paddy!"

Rory Dignam

Account Executive | Softcat

"By following Paddy's advice, I was able to move from retail to my dream professional. Paddy's content is quite possibly the most valuable resource on LinkedIn and all of social media. I can't emphasise how important each of his posts are. The content is more useful than any career fair. Thank you Paddy!"

My background

Hi–I’m Paddy Jobsman. I help people find work that gives them purpose, pays them their worth, and gives them opportunities to grow.

I started my career as a recruiter in 2014. Two years later, I launched an online hiring platform and ran it for five years. I managed recruitment campaigns for 900+ companies, built an in-house applicant tracking system (ATS), and created a wealth of career development resources.

I've dedicated my life to helping people get what they want from their careers, and through this programme, I'm confident I can help you too. 

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Who is this system for?

Anyone who feels they're stuck in a rut and have a burning desire to make a change. 

What if I have no idea what job or career I want?

In The Career Change System, I will help you discover what it is you truly want out of your career. An entire section is dedicated to defining and building a fulfilling career. 

What type of professionals have you helped change careers?

My clients range from C-suite level executives to graduates, and everything in between.

The clients I've helped change careers include tradespeople, nurses, carers, teachers, engineers, chefs, truck drivers, and a whole host of corporate professionals.

Why should I listen to you?

You absolutely do not have to listen to me, but helping people reach their career goals is not what I do for a living, it’s all I do, period. 

I've helped thousands of people get hired and successfully coached 200+ career change clients.

What will I learn from The Career Change System?

You’ll learn what’s most important to you in your work, and how to pivot to a career that aligns with what you truly want. 

How do I access the content? Is it a physical service or all online?

It's 100% online, so you can access the system from anywhere, at any time, on any device. 

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